NDT Equipment

NDT & Inspection

 JOC & JOC LTD (JJL) provides a comprehensive range of project and operational inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) services. In the current climate where oil and gas operators are striving to extend the life expectancy of their assets and associated plant, the integrity of these assets must be assured.

 JJL has invested in a wide range of conventional and advanced NDT equipment to provide integrity assurance to projects and plant facilities. Our services are delivered by highly trained, experienced and competent personnel.

 Conventional NDT services

 Ultrasonic inspection and testing.

 Magnetic particle inspection (MPI)

 Dye penetration inspection (DPI)

 Eddy current inspection

 Visual inspection (Boroscope/Fibroscope/CCTV)

 Tube inspection – IRIS/MFL/Remote field & eddy current

 Time of flight diffraction (TOFD)

 Automated and semi-automated corrosion mapping

 Phased array inspection

 Runway/Helipad Friction Testing



Conventional NDT services