Onsite Machining

Onsite Machining Cutting Technology

Tube Profile Cutting Technology

JOC & JOC LTD (JJL) tube profile cutting technology enables cold work tube cutting on most sizes, schedules or material of cylindrical pipe. The machines are portable, a technologically advanced product of H & S Tools, which can also be used by rope access technicians to deploy in areas that would traditionally require scaffolding access.

JJL utilizes a wide range of cold work classified portable pneumatic or hydraulically operated machines. This allows work to be carried out in zone 1 areas (where backed up with a customer exemption certificate).

JJL also provide an extensive selection of ancillary equipment allowing other operations such as match boring, weld preparation and journal turning to be carried out using the same range of machines. The highly durable and lightweight machines can be used in any environment. The split frame design allows minimum setup time and eases of operation and can cut pipe diameters ranging from 4″ to 72″.