Tank Cleaning Management

Tank Cleaning Management Services

JOC & JOC LTD (JJL’s) comprehensive Tank Cleaning Management Programs, with have basically the industry standard. Backed by our highly trained engineers, technicians, documentation and certification services – JJL’s on-site inspections, repair and maintenance services keep Clients tanks fully operational and compliant with stringent industry standards.

On-Site Inspections

  • Corrosion detection and assessment
  • Tank crawler scanning
  • Fixed and floating roof seals
  • Ultrasonic inspection, A-, B- and C-scans
  • Radiography
  • Tank thickness measurement
  • Ground-penetrating radar
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Eddy current/electromagnetic testing
  • Tank floor inspection by a magnetic flux leakage system
  • Coatings and linings
  • Fittings and welds
  • Lab testing, including metallography, positive material identification
  • Foundation and settlement
  • Shell plumb alignment
  • Fitness for service inspections

Repair and Maintenance Services

  • Heat-treating services, including post-weld, permanent warming systems, combustion services and curing
  • Tank cleaning and disposal
  • Sandblasting and welding repairs
  • Rescue standby services
  • Mechanical integrity programs, including pipeline integrity/direct assessment
  • Program development and auditing
  • Complete documentation
  • Quality assurance and safety training programs
  • Supplier surveillance programs
  • Turnaround programs
  • Tank demolition