Vibration Measurement and Analysis

Vibration Measurement and Analysis Lagos

Using vibration analysis on rotating machinery enables the early detection of faults before failure. This analysis will help in conduction of a detailed assessment of a Company’s rotating plant and form the basis for improvement to deliver effective cost savings.  The aim therefore, is to evaluate machine condition for weaknesses, thus enabling the early diagnosis of faults. This in turn allows repairs to be planned and performed economically.


Various Predictive Maintenance Technologies that most determine plant asset production up-time.JJL are capable of being retained as vibration analysis serviceprovider by the most prestigious Facilities in the country as well as the most critical data centers where breakdown is unthinkable and the potential cost of unplanned shutdown measured in millions of Dollars.Our Staff have over 30 years of combined experience in the scope of services we offer the market place and are members of various international and national associations regulating our work.